RoadTripRSA App takes you to cool places off the main drag.

    This app boosts South African tourism by promoting attractive venues, B ’n B’s , restaurants, handicraft shops and stalls, plus things to see, do, eat and more… all on the road less travelled.

    Heading to Durbs AGAIN? Or Plett, AGAIN?
    Instead of boring down the toll road AGAIN, take time to relish the off-highway experience… courtesy of your RoadTripRSA app.
    Use RoadTripRSA to decide on a fun route.
    No more motorway burger cafes stinking of diesel fumes; instead pull in by Coolsburg and sample Tannie van der Koel’s amazing skof (family business since the Voortrekkers rambled that route).
    Check out places to see, things to do, venues to visit, history to experience, goodies to buy, beds to sleep in, tracks to trek and country roads to wander.
    RoadTripRSA is the only app to list free sightseeing: monuments, memorials, super views and battlefields. Takes you right to the site, the doorstep or the entrance gate. All in the palm of your hand.
    Start your holiday BEFORE you get to Durbs or Plett.
    Make the travel fun. So many places to enjoy, so many great places to stop overnight.
    Book ahead at those great B ’n B’s or local hotels, using our unique NO-COMMISSION payment app.
    From time to time we will communicate with users about updates and added features, either via email or push notification through the app.
    We offer unique advertising opportunities on the PitStops app.
    Opportunities to share what makes your town so special.
    Opportunities to boost pubs, wineries, guided tours, places to eat, places to stay, places to pick up things special to your area.
    To discuss in more detail, contact us at